After the permission of the Beijing Municipal Government and the Beijing Commission of Commerce, the Beijing Cooperation Association on Haze Prevention and Control (HPCA), the first social entity engaging in haze prevention and control cooperation is established to pool social wisdom together and advance economic and technical cooperation in this regard on February 6, 2015. The association, based on theRegulations on Registration and Management of Social Entityreleased by the State Council, is put in place with the approval of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs. Officials of the National People’s Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, relevant ministries of the State Council and the Beijing Municipal government, foreign ambassadors inChina, officials of international organizations, experts in various fields of the society, representatives ofBeijing,TianjinandHebeiProvinceas well as journalists have attended the Founding Conference of HPCA.

HPCA, as a legal entity of the Secretariat of National Strategic Union on Haze Prevention and Control (NSUH), is also in charge of coordinated innovation in air pollution prevention and control among politicians, academic institutions, universities and industries.

Under the support of relevant ministries and the Beijing Municipal Government, HPCA will play its part in the following six aspects based on the principle of innovation cooperation, experience exchanges, demonstration promotion and coordinated development.

First, promote cooperation in haze prevention and control and seek systematic solutions to haze treatment by demonstrating good practices in this regard. HPCA will turn policy requirements for air pollution treatment into market demands for energy-saving and environment-friendly industrial development and advance application and R&D of energy-saving and environment-friendly products and technologies so as to build up capacity for haze prevention and control technical innovation.

Second, put in place a platform for sharing of national policies to strengthen international cooperation and exchanges in air pollution treatment and assist members in expanding market access in related products and technologies and incorporating them into the list of government procurement.

Third, conduct researches on systematic measures in haze prevention and control to upgrade technical level, carry out relevant analysis, establish evaluation system of actual functions of haze prevention and control products and make evaluation results public regularly.

Fourth, inform the general public of the knowledge of air pollution prevention and control, vigorously promote regional and international cooperation, establish a platform for haze prevention and control and promote best practices inBeijingto other regions of the country.

Fifth, establish a database and market entry mechanism for purchase of haze prevention and control products by government institutions and enterprises.

Sixth, actively play a guiding role in the integration of social capital in commercialization of haze prevention and control technologies and products, nurture a series of relevant enterprises with leading international competiveness, seek coordinated development of air pollution treatment equipment, products and services, assist domestic and international corporations in entering into the market and investing in air pollution treatment.