Scope of Business

1. Work with relevant government authorities to mobilize the participation of enterprises and people of all social sectors in combating air pollution and environmental problems, advancing cooperation and exchanges in pollution prevention and control, establishing a platform to share national policies and information with the society and putting in place a haze prevention and control data base and evaluation standards system for enterprises.

2. Conduct researches in innovation technologies and products related to pollution prevention and treatment, carry out relevant action plans at the national and the municipal level, upgrade technical skills and product quality, promote commercial exchanges and cooperation; nurture talents in exchanges and cooperation on haze prevention and control, organize lectures and launch training campaigns in relevant fields.

3. Advance R&D, exchanges and cooperation as well as application in haze prevention and control and launch cooperation programs; establish a mechanism for intellectual property rights sharing and prioritized approval of relevant patented technology; put in place a system of application of technologies and products; provide consulting services concerning standards design, evaluation of scientific and technical fruits and cooperation and exchanges on trading of intellectual property rights.

4 Establish the funding channel for social capital, attract investment in related technologies and products, promote cooperation in R&D, products manufacturing, application and financing, carry out researches, launch inspection tours and hold consultation conferences and relevant exhibition activities.

5. Let the voice of enterprises heard by the government so as to provide guidance for policies and programs designing at the national and municipal level, establish the think tank for haze prevention and control cooperation, support development of enterprises members and participate in the editing of publications in relevant fields.

6 Enhance social responsibility of enterprises and individuals in haze prevention and control by holding NSUH cooperation forums and establishing mechanisms on knowledge sharing, experience exchanges and promotion of positive results.

7. Take charge of relevant works delegated by the government to social organizations.

8. Engage in relevant activities favorable to improvement of environment and international cooperation.