The Role of HPCA

The establishment of HPCA (Beijing Cooperation Association on Haze Prevention and Control) will actively take the function of serving society from government and mainly play its role in the following five aspects:

1.    Promote cooperation and communication of haze prevention and control; realise application of project demonstration and comprehensive solution; effectively transfer policy requirements for air pollution prevention and control to market demands for industrial development of energy conservation and environmental protection; push forward innovation and development of important, relevant technology, equipment and products as well as industrial application; drive technology innovation of companies and improve technological innovative ability for haze prevention and control.

2.    Build a platform for sharing and obtaining relevant policies in China, strengthening advanced technology for air pollution prevention and control, driving international communication and cooperation on management experiences, helping member companies in market promotion for relevant technology and products.

3.    Research and demonstrate comprehensive measures for haze prevention and control in China and overseas, promote positive role and technology in this cause, build database system, investigate and analyse haze prevention and control, create rating system for actual effectiveness of relevant technology and products and publish to the public regularly.

4.    Popularise scientific knowledge of air pollution prevention and control to the public, strongly push forward regional and international cooperation, take the lead to build platform for cooperation and communication on haze prevention and control with coordinative support of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and gradually promote successfully Beijing’s experiences to the whole nation.

5.    Positively bring in social and capital; push forward transformation to market of technological results; actively support new types of business and models; cultivate companies whose products are competitive internationally; support development of industries of equipment, products and service for control of air pollution; help companies home and abroad to enter the market of haze prevention and control and invest in the industry of air pollution control.