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HPCA’s President Hao Jiming Took Office as Team Leader of Consulting Experts on Environmental Impact Evaluation of Ministry of Environmental Protection

On 27 October, Ministry of Environmental Protection held an initiative meeting of environmental impact evaluation in three main areas. HPCA’s president and academician at China Engineering Academy, Mr Hao Jiming is the team leader. Vice team leader includes Zhu Xingxiang (Member of Science and technology Committee of Ministry of Environmental Protection), Wang Hao Academician (Academician at China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research) and Qu Jiuhui (Academician at Eco-environment Research Institute of China Academy of Engineering).

List of the consulting team was published at the meeting, including: Hao Jiming, Zhu Xingxinag, Wang Hao, Qu Jiuhui, Ma Zhong, Jing Wen Yong, Mao Qizhi, Wang Jian, Wang Yi, Tian Tingshan, Qiao Zhiqi, Liu Yi, Liu Liqun, Sun Youhai, Zhu Tan, Li Tie, Li Wei, Yang Chaofei, Xiao Jincheng, Gu Shuzhong, Lian Yu, Zhou Dadi, Jin Fengjun, Xia Qing, Chang Jiwen, Pan Jiahua, Wei Houkai, all together 27 experts and scholars.

At the meeting, “Work plan of strategic environmental protection evaluation in three strategic areas” was reported and assessed by experts and local representatives. In the plan it is decided that Pan Yue (Vice Ministry of Environmental Protection) is the leader of work leading group, together with provincial representative co-leader of coordinative group, and they are to make sure work and group operation is smooth.

Participants also included representatives at departments of Ministry of Environmental Protection, local environmental protection divisions and other technology-related sectors.

Source: Ministry of Environmental Protection: