Beijing Business Committee: the capacity of enterprise which sells energy saving and emission reduction products will increase

The Beijing Business Committee announced on February 16th that they will be publicly soliciting merchandising enterprises to join in energy conservation and emissions reduction activities. The events will occur by the end of this month in order to further expand consumption demand, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, and guide the concept of green consumption.

According to reports, the branch enterprise should cover the city's main area. This includes no fewer than three household building materials retail enterprises, no fewer than five bicycle store retail stores, no fewer than 10 supermarket retail stores, and no fewer than 20 home appliance retail stores, amounts of  department stores and shopping centers will not be limited by the number of retail branches. Certain e-commerce enterprises will operate by self-built websites, and the Ministry of Commerse will award them on their 2015 to 2016 annual demonstration.

Announcement shows that the subsidies will be advanced to consumers  by enterprises so that consumers won't need to send an invoice to the relevant authorities, which will save a lot of trouble. To prevent virtual standard prices, secret price raises, and other irregularities, the Beijing Business Committee will implement limits on  the highest prices of commodities. "The recorded price will be the highest sales price, and sales enterprises shall not exceed the recorded price in its qualification period. If consumers buy subsidized goods with sales promotions activities, enterprises should count the subsidies according to the sales price after the discount calculation.The relevant person of Beijing Business Committee introduced this concept.

On November 27th, 2015, Beijing implemented subsidies for energy conservation and emissions reduction commodities throughout  the city. Subsidies standards range from 8% to 20%, and the maximum subsidy is 800 yuan. The first batch of 21 enterprises include Millet, Jingdong, Dangdang, and other e-commerce enterprises. According to the city commerce committee, during the first 6 days of the New Year, these 21 enterprises sold more than 10,000 television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning units and othe5 energy conservation and emissions reduction goods. The total income was more than 2800 yuan.