notice about holding the recycling and harmless industry of the city garbage high-level conference meeting and the fifth membership development projects

This year is the final year of "twelfth five-year" plan. In April 2012, the state council general office issued national urban living garbage disposal facilities construction planning for the "twelfth five-year". The planning  put forward:by 2015, municipality directly under the central government, provincial capitals and cities under separate state planning all life garbage will be treated, city hazard-free treatment rate of urban living garbage reached more than 90%, the county will have  garbage disposal ability, the county hazard-free treatment rate of household garbage reached more than 70%, the requirement is expected to further improve in period of  "thirteenth five-year" plan.

"National new urbanization planning (2014-2020)," pointed out that the new urbanization should adhere to the optimization of layout, intensive and efficient, ecological civilization, green low carbon. The state environmental protection department related leader recently pointed out: at present, the urbanization in our country is in the middle to late stage of development, the pressure of environment will continue to increase and is difficult to reduce in the short term. By 2020 China's urbanization rate is expected to rise to 60%, and the urbanization rate every 1% increase, will increase the urban population of around 13 million. Our country increase 5.2 million tons  of the living garbage, 1.15 billion tons of sewage,and more than 80 million tons of coal each year. The future development of small and medium-sized town will face "shall pollution" rather than "fragments pollution " and  environmental protection will face greater challenges.

On December 27th, 2015 , guided by NSUH, hosted by HPCA, the conference plays an important role in the development of China's new urbanization environmental industry and urban environmental construction.