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Leaders of IEEPA met with South Korean government delegation in the newly established Nation Partner Green Low-Carbon Financial Commission

On March 27th, 2016, Zuozhang Liu, Vice President of IEEPA, former Inspector of the Foreign Investment Management Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, and Junyang Li, Vice President and Secretary-General of IEEPA, met with the South Korean government delegation in the newly established Nation Partner Green Low-Carbon Financial Commission. The South Korean government delegation included Youn Yongmun, CEO of Daegu Environmental Corporation; Guanjiao Xu, Chief Officer of Daegu government Green Environment Bureau; and Tenny Lee, CEO of Korean EnbioCons co., LTD. They were in China to attend the China and South Korea Urban Environment Governance Technology and Project Cooperation Meeting , which discussed South Korea's Success Guarantee System. It also focused on a implementing the PPP model to solve the bottleneck that has developed in the energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China.. Members of Nation Partner Green Low-Carbon Financial Commission also attended the meeting and the welcome luncheon.

Zuozhang Liu, when welcoming the South-Korean delegation, said the China and South Korea free trade area promotes the economic and trade cooperation of China and South Korea. IEEPA would welcome more cooperation with South Korea, and bring more Korean projects and technologies into China.

Li Junyang, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General, spoke during the meeting. He said that, with the support of South Korea's Ministry of Environment and Daegu City Hall, IEEPA talked with a number of South Korea government agencies and industry organizations. The purpose of the South Korean delegation visit today was to promote and implement the cooperation plan and to carry out the agreement reached last year by Vice President Li Junyang and Director Rong yoon.

In effort of both China and South Korea’s city government and industry organizations, hosted by the China environmental science society, IEEPA and Daegu Environmental Corporation, undertaken by NS UH, HPCA and Korean Enbio co., LTD ," Chinese  and South Korean urban environment governance  technology and project cooperation meeting ,which put forward using from South Korea's guarantee of  success system for reference to solve the bottleneck for the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China, to implement the PPP pattern promotion conference "was held in Beijing. The host was Junyang Li ,the secretary-general of IEEPA, vice-chairman and secretary-general of HPCA.

The meeting was also supported by the South Korean Embassy in Beijing. Experts attending included the South Korean Embassy Environment Minister, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of State-owned enterprises, the National Institute of Fiscal Science, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, the Beijing Association to Promote Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, etc. The meeting was about Korea's successful guarantee system and its implementation. Enbio co., LTD made a report about the "urban sludge drying processing technology and using South Korea's successful guarantee system for reference in the field of urban sludge disposal in China.”