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HPCA and Wuliangye Co., LTD. signed the Environmental Protection Public Welfare Fund plan

On January 17th, 2016, the annual summit took place, organized and funded by the National Haze Prevention Industry Syndicate and the Beijing Association on Haze Prevention and Control. These groups, along with Wuliangye Co., LTD., agreed to establish public funding for the " Public welfare environmental protection wine fund " plan. This would support environmental protection enterprise and, for every sales of Wuliangye wine in the next 3 years , donate two yuan to the "environmental protection public welfare funds". Sales statistics will be reported every six months and will be published  to the public.

Genwang Xiao, former inspector for the General Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection; Zuozhang Liu, former inspector for the Foreign Investment Management Bureau of Ministry of Commerce; Keqin  Lv, Major General of the People's Liberation Army Air Force fleet; Jianjun Liu, Vice Manager of Wuliangye Co.,Ltd,; and Boyan, representative of Wuliangye co., LTD, jointly signed the “Public welfare environmental protection wine cooperation plan.